The Possibilities




A large amount of research, investigation and testing over many years by scientists, researchers, psychologists, and others have set the stage for all of us to now use with almost unlimited possibilities. Here are a few possibilities:


  • Health issues – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual

  • Relationship issues

  • Career and Work issues

  • Behavior patterns one wants to change

  • Family issues

  • Personal issues

  • It will take one from not knowing; IE: doubt, fear, confusion to that, of knowing and seeing things in perfect clarity.


The emphasis is therefore on healing rather than on treating. “Healing,” can be brought about through the practice of “principals of consciousness and truth.” Not from thoughts and concepts but a leap to a higher consciousness, a transport of one’s self to a presence of infinite light and power.

William James describes consciousness in the following way, “as rare, unique, indescribable, and “beyond mind” – a thought free state of knowingness that’s complete, all-inclusive with neither need nor want and beyond the limitation of experiencing the merely individualized personal self.”


Another attribute of pure consciousness is the sensation of the ordinary flow of thoughts or feelings – a condition of infinite power, compassion, gentleness and love. In this state self becomes Self. (from egoic self to divine self)