New York City Metro, USA

After studying Dr. Hawkins and attending lectures for 10 years, it seemed that it was time for a more personal teacher to appear.


It happened one day in March of 2011, while doing email - Robert's name ticked across, in a banner - which I normally ignore. Nevertheless the name Robert Smalley stood out. I followed the link and within a week the first Spiritual Report Card arrived in the mail.


The phone consultation with Robert that followed was a revealing and elevating experience of such that my life, every aspect of... , has been in a state of perpetual growth ever since... He has helped me receive a most precious blessing of a gift - which is the knowing that "I am safe, for I am Love."


Everyone around me has peripherally been lifted as well. One-by-one they are reaching for Robert's Mentoring. Eternity of gratitude.



Robert Smalley is truly a Master Teacher, we’ve been immensely blessed to have access to his teaching's and guidance. I’ve been working with Robert for over one year now and I can honestly say that my life has completely changed for the better.


After many years of wandering in the wilderness, searching for truth, going from one book to the next, one teacher to the next, one disappointment to the next, Robert was able to lovingly nurture, guide and direct me

on the path to God.

The mentoring program has been geared to raise your level of consciousness therefore, if you’re ready to wake up and start taking the necessary steps on the path to God I would highly recommend signing up for his mentoring program today.


Robert has been a shining light in my life, a true gift from God to humanity.  

May you be blessed.