Anyone who wants to penetrate the veils that keeps one from knowing and in a state of confusion and has the willingness to pursue the truth will be given answers that helps create a higher way of seeing, being and living that takes one to higher and higher levels of consciousness and even closer to ones source.


Each soul must find its own way, this process, led by the truth, can certainly help one and perhaps shorten the distance between “not knowing and knowing the truth”, that does indeed set one free.


Giving up all judgment, condemnation, and criticism always expressing life from kindness, caring, consideration, and compassion. Forgiving everything and everybody, including oneself, and always expressing life through good thoughts, good words, and good deeds helps lead one to even higher levels of consciousness. This will bring one increasingly into alignment with God, the Universe, and with ones higher (Self).... Blessings, Robert

Kauai Sunset


New York City Metro, USA​​

After studying Dr. Hawkins and attending lectures for 10 years, it seemed that it was time for a more personal teacher to appear. It happened one day in March of 2011, while doing email - Robert's name ticked across, in a banner - which I normally ignore. Nevertheless the name Robert Smalley stood out. I followed the link and within a week the first Spiritual Report Card arrived in the mail. The phone consultation with Robert that followed was a revealing and elevating experience of such that my life, every aspect of...., has been in a state of perpetual growth ever since. It often takes a while for my assessment and inventory of changes to catch up. I've stayed in touch, gotten updated report cards and generally followed this wonder being's advice and direction. He has helped me receive a most precious blessing of a gift - which is the knowing that "I am safe, for I am Love." Everyone around me has peripherally been lifted as well. One-by-one they are reaching for Robert's Mentoring. I can hardly express the joy I felt upon sensing that a dearest friend cross over into the 500's. Tears of joy! An eternity of gratitude,,,

Iowa Autumn



Robert Smalley is truly a Master Teacher, we’ve been immensely blessed to have access to his teaching's and guidance. I’ve been working with Robert for over one year now and and I can honestly say that my life has completely changed for the better.


After many years of wandering in the wilderness, searching for truth, going from one book to the next, one teacher to the next, one disappointment to the next, Robert was able to lovingly nurture, guide and direct me on the path to God.

The mentoring program has been geared to raise your level of consciousness therefore, if you’re ready to wake up and start taking the necessary steps on the path to God I would highly recommend signing up for his mentoring program today.


Robert has been a shining light in my life, a true gift from God to humanity.


May you be blessed

Relationship Report....


Remember each soul is responsible for their own destiny. Even though you both may be on the same path there are many individual situations for each of you that each must resolve for themselves. You may go from one marriage to the next thinking  'if I could just find the right partner". But in reality the partner you have may be just fine. Once one has resolved their ego many problems in life go away including marital problems. So the divorce rate could go way down if people realized the real solution is loving yourself and resolving your ego. Which in both cases has nothing to do with your partner. One can solve many problems in life and in ones marriage simply by following this daily: Always, and in every case be kind, caring, considerate, and compassionate. This alone will raise your consciousness and improve tour marriage greatly. 



Anini Beach

Katherine Mizuhara


Hi my name is Katherine Mizuhara, I found out about Robert Smalley after looking at videos about Dr David R Hawkins. In the comments other students of Dr Hawkins told of a person who's consciousness level calibrated near to Dr. Hawkins. Robert was able to calibrate my consciousness level at the time and my progress from birth. The test also calibrated my spouse and relationship. Since this time in 2013 my consciousness level went over 500 using information from Robert. I recommended that same service to a friend and she was impressed with the information that Robert told her. She told me she was glad Robert steered her away from a few teachers who calibrated at low levels. Robert calibration is accurate and helped me get over 500 and possibly soon even beyond. I was able to call Robert recently and tell him that he means a lot to me.


God bless you Robert Smalley!

Love Katherine Mizuhara



If you're reading this testimonial then you are likely looking for confirmation that Robert Smalley is a man who can be trusted, a man who can perform impeccable calibrations that you yourself might've had difficulty in obtaining, and a man possessing spiritual truth, knowledge, and wisdom. Indeed, he is such an individual, and yet I can only impart my own subjective findings and experiences as proof. I offer the following account in the hopes that it will serve to reinforce and foster the rather substantial leap of faith required in turning to any unknown spiritual teacher for guidance, particularly one working with the techniques of Dr. Hawkins calibration methodology and his Map of Consciousness system. Nothing poses a higher degree of peril or promise then committing oneself to a spiritual path, method, and mentor.

If you're like me, you have attempted the calibration methodology, followed the guidelines Dr. Hawkins provided with rigorous exactitude, and yet still cannot obtain any remote semblance of accuracy. Regrettably, the good doctor, God rest his soul, didn't properly stress the requisite expertise to produce even a modicum of consistency via the calibration method. It's a methodology that requires prolonged practice, immense discipline, considerable patience, and meticulous technique to cultivate and utilize effectively. Moreover, perhaps the overriding factor that eclipses all of the aforementioned is a very advanced level of Consciousness, something only capable of being developed through many years of unwavering devotion and surrender to the Lord God, to Truth, and to Love.


Robert Smalley has developed these qualities, and can aid your spiritual quest through nigh perfect calibration accuracy, a wealth of spiritual understanding and knowledge, as well as boundless patience and compassion. How do I know this? Because that has been, and continues to be my experience in working with Robert on a weekly basis for over two and a half years. Virtually every aspect of my life has been dramatically improved thanks to his guidance and calibrations. Robert's 'Consciousness Reports' help me to ascertain where I reside in relation to awakening to Love at level of Consciousness 500, and in dissolving, with compassion and forgiveness, all of the barriers and blockages in my life that are obstructing my illumination by that eternal, timeless, and unconditional Love.


When I first contacted Robert, I was enmeshed in a world of make believe, totally in thrall to the glamorous allure of worldly entertainments, many of which were pure poison to my Consciousness. I recommend you request both Robert's 'Consciousness Reports', as well as have him calibrate anything you expose yourself to, namely, books, music, t.v. shows, movies, and so on. If your experience mirrors my own, there will likely be many worldly products you're daily ingesting that are an anathema to spiritual progression. My ego/mind contended, clutched, and grasped with an enslaved attachment to these things. Yet thanks to Robert's perpetual patience, he showed me just how much all the things of this world held me in bondage, just how much damage they had done, and just how much freer I would be without them in my life. It seemed such an insufferable sacrifice at the outset, but now I too see his wisdom on this matter, and feel far freer with those once cherished items excised from my life. This shift has, in turn, opened the door for me to realize all manner of achievements and accomplishments my addictions were keeping me from.


When I first contacted Robert, my mind delighted in endless explanations and elaborations, and I took unalloyed glee in delving into a morass of circuitous, meaningless minutia. My very mind and intellect itself was and remains the barrier, and I unconsciously worshipped it as God, despite all of my accumulated spiritual knowledge that warned of such a state. It is the very nature of the ego/mind to resist any challenge to its despotic, draconian sovereignty to an unfettered, histrionic, and monumental magnitude. The mind and its formulations are intoxicating, and thus ensues the entrainment to it that Dr. Hawkins so eloquently wrote of. The mesmerizing, entrancing phantasmagoria of the ego/mind bars the ascent to the Love of God, to the Love of oneself, and to the Love of all others. Truly, this is tantamount to stating that the mind's machinations bar us from even the slightest droplet of happiness. Because of Robert's infinite patience in dealing with the rants and ravings of this mind, I can now finally see that, and can begin on the road to worshipping the Lord God, rather than bowing in servile obsequiousness to my unfailingly fallible and feckless mind.


When I first contacted Robert, my level of self Love was quite depressingly low, and my level of self loathing was quite dismally high. A key component in awakening is compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love for oneself, a fact Dr. Hawkins' teachings don't particularly and pointedly emphasize. Nevertheless, it is vital to rising in Consciousness, and Robert has shown me this. I will not deceive on this point or romanticize this pathway, for truly, your ego will fight you with an intransigent raging tenacity beyond all reproach and reason. The ego and mind revel in self pity, self hatred, and self condemnation. This whole delusional complex is a honeyed elixir to it. You will have to valiantly contend with the vicissitudes of the pathway to dissolving it, but there is no greater reward, and Robert can be a sure guide to lead you, as he has led me. Although much work remains to be done, thanks to Robert's benevolent tutelage, my level of self Love has substantially risen since the inception of our interaction, and the inner subjective experience is one of immense relief and gratitude.


All of these subjects and many more has Robert aided me with, and if you can summon forth a minimum of faith and tentative trust, he can help you too in innumerable ways along the pathway to God, to Love, to Truth, and to Happiness.


Godspeed to you, fellow seeker...




I have found having Robert as a spiritual mentor/teacher for the last few months to be extremely helpful. Not only does his energy help facilitate my spiritual progress...but his ability to calibrate various issues, people and choices allows me to quickly understand what is in the highest good of all involved and keeps me from having to waste time on less helpful choices. With his guidance, my level of consciousness has gone up over 100 points in just a few months. It feels so good to have a quieter mind and experience states of love and happiness. Because of his advanced consciousness , he can explain and reassure me as I encounter and overcome obstacles to advancing as well. I feel blessed and deeply grateful for his kind, caring and compassionate assistance.





After wondering through the wilderness for years I came to an impasse in my spiritual journey where it seemed like no matter what I did I could not move forward.


I believe I was lead to Roberts mentoring program and it has proven to be a catalyst that was needed for my spiritual growth and development. Only after a few months of following the guidance of the mentoring program I experienced a significant increase in peace, happiness, and love. My life has ben transformed to the point that my closest family and friends has taken notice and commented on how much I have changed.


The mentoring program, also has been valuable in assisting me to avoid some of the pitfalls along the way, as well as reach heights that I could not obtain of my own accord.

Thank you Robert for using your God given gifts and talents to serve mankind.


Many Blessing,

Dennis Lyon



"Robert has been generous and gracious with his time and services. For the time I have been in contact with Robert, his guidance has been a source of support and inspiration especially when some obstacles seemed incredibly daunting. His emails seemed to be exactly what was needed at the time and he continues to be encouraging. In a certain sense, just having a friend to be able to discuss higher levels of truth is an incredible blessing. There are few 'people' who would be able to hear your realizations and meet you with compassionate understanding. At certain stages of development, a teacher is absolutely necessary - there are few environments where people would understand the significance of 'arbitrary selectivity results in a positionality that is a point of view which artificially polarizes the oneness of Reality in seemingly separate parts' and then tell you not to intellectualize too much as you patiently learn to love yourself. As a student of Doctor Hawkins, I originally approached muscle testing and the realm of spirituality with some skepticism and rational caution - but when one is melted into an Infinitely Gentle and Loving Light - skepticism become meaningless and one just bawls in the Presence of such Love, Compassion, and Benevolence. To the world, such experiences can seem suspect and unrelatable - one can even feel incredibly isolated as friends and family are unable to sympathize, let alone understand. Having Robert a phone call away is an incredible blessing. As far as muscle testing goes, Doctor Hawkins would advise those who doubt the mechanism to 'forget about it' that Truth is still the Truth with or without muscle testing - and that the subjective realizations can be verified for one's self. And I would agree with such a teaching as per my own path and intellectual temperament, however, I must admit that Robert's expertise in muscle testing has helped me avoid a particular situation that would have been much trouble. His 64 point test has also accurately accounted for times when my calibration has 'dropped' and 'risen'. All in all, if you wish to work with Robert to help you along your spiritual path - he is most definitely an asset. As he usually concludes with his emails.... Blessings. haha" - Paul Nguyen



Robert has helped me a great deal. He is down to earth, and obviously a very good man. He does not take himself too seriously. He is thoroughly familiar with the works of Dr. Hawkins and always will to do a calibration, when needed. I highly recommend him for those on the spiritual path.


Paul S.



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