Dearly Beloved,
Love is an attribute of God. Love starts at 500 on the map of consciousness. 4% of the people are at 500 where love starts. .04% of the people are at 540 which is unconditional love. So love is still a fairly rare commodity on this planet. 350 is salvation but all the good stuff from God starts to come forth when one reaches 500. Self-love is totally necessary to love God.

Remember I and my Father are one, and that is why self-love opens the doorway to God love. Love is not selfish or self-centered, it is simply the quality of God in your life at 500. So daily ask God for forgiveness for not loving yourself. Ask daily for God to help you love yourself. You will know when this happens to you because you will realize love has slipped into your life and has allowed you to love yourself and others a lot more.

Remember the greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind and love your neighbor as you love yourself. So it is a given that you are to love yourself as you love others. So it might be best to start loving yourself. I have calibrated many people and not even one person loves themselves. So it is of utmost importance to immediately start practicing self-love. Since you don't know how to do that you must turn to God in prayer and ask daily for God to show you how to love yourself. Only then will the planet turn from hate to love.

" Perfect Love casts out all fear."

There is a dividing line within our bodies. A line drawn across your human form-above the solar plexus is the dividing line. If your attention is below that line you are dragged down into the conditions of earth. If your attention is above that line, then you will ascend into the perfection and power of your divine presence. This is where love starts, ie. in the heart. Know this.


Early in the morning before dawn I pray for you in the following way. May the light and love of God that never fails shines upon you. May you fulfill God's purpose here on earth, may every door open and may your life unfold as planned, may you and all of your family be guided and blessed beyond measure, for ever and ever. Amen!


You are loved beloved.


The Essence of Love