Falling from above...

Dearly Beloved,

Remember you are not your body or your mind. You are consciousness. Think what your life would be like if you lived in a world of "no mind". Where there are no thoughts or words. Remember nearly everything that is said comes from the ego. When the ego is resolved God begins to appear in your life.

Purity in thought, word, and deed will speed you on your journey to resolving your ego and to God. Living in a thought-free state enhances love, joy, peace, and happiness in your life. These are attributes of God and come from high consciousness. Coming from this place opens up the portal to allow gifts from heaven above to start falling into your life.

Life takes on a different quality that comes from being in alignment with the Heavenly Father. Then everything unfolds of its own accord and many blessings start coming into your life. Begin this journey to God, to truth, and to your oneness with the Heavenly Father.......Blessings. Robert.

P.S. "Association with strong, happy, serene, kind and spiritual people is of great benefit to the nervous person. Even a few moments in the company with a saint can work wonders in producing calmness and quiet. A real holy man acts as a raft to carry you away from suffering." Yogananda

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