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The Essence of Love


Dearly Beloved,


The Essence of Love. Love is an attribute of God. Love starts at 500 on the map of consciousness. 4% of the people are at 500 where love starts. .04% of the people are at 540 which is unconditional love. So love is still a fairly rare commodity on this planet. 350 is salvation but all the good stuff from God starts to come forth when one reaches 500. Self-love is totally necessary to love God.


Remember I and my Father are one, and that is why self-love opens the doorway to God love. Love is not selfish or self-centered, it is simply the quality of God in your life at 500. So daily ask God for forgiveness for not loving yourself. Ask daily for God to help you love yourself. You will know when this happens to you because you will realize love has slipped into your life and has allowed you to love yourself and others a lot more.


Remember the greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind and love your neighbor as you love yourself. So it is a given that you are to love yourself as you love others. So it might be best to start loving yourself. I have calibrated many people and not even one person loves themselves. So it is of utmost importance to immediately start practicing self-love. Since you don't know how to do that you must turn to God in prayer and ask daily for God to show you how to love yourself. Only then will the planet turn from hate to love. "Perfect Love casts out all fear."


There is a dividing line within our bodies. A line drawn across your human form-above the solar plexus is the dividing line. (See chart below.) If your attention is below that line you are dragged down into the conditions of earth. If your attention is above that line, then you will ascend into the perfection and power of your divine presence. This is where love starts, ie. in the heart. Know this. Early in the morning before dawn I pray for you in the following way. May the light and love of God that never fails shines upon you. May you fulfill God's purpose here on earth, may every door open and may your life unfold as planned, may you and all of your family be guided and blessed beyond measure, for ever and ever . Amen! ...................You are loved beloved...Robert.
























The Life Force

The life force is in the kundalini energy running up the spine. That is why one remains in a sleep state until this energy is awakened in the 6th and 7th energy centers. This won't happen until one is ripe and ready. To get ripe and ready requires one to cleanse and purify the body temple where the Holy Spirit dwells. One must also start communion with the earthly and heavenly forces as found in the Essene Communions. Daily communion with God will over time lead to liberation and oneness with God. The sexual energy discussed in the video I sent explains the steps to the doorway to heaven, creativity, and the life force going up to the crown chakra.  Once this happens you enter the realm of God. You start getting into alignment with the heavenly Father. Men constantly are spilling their substance (ejaculating) with women in desire, lust, and animal passion. This very act keeps them in bondage to the world of form and lower levels of consciousness. One must retain this sexual energy and transform it to higher levels of doing and being. One's God perfection comes to us by sublimating this energy and transmuting it to create your life in God, not in the fleshly world of sex which just keeps us held in the world of bondage and hence lower levels of consciousness. To unleash the power of God in one's life, use the sexual energy to lift you higher in all areas of your life: Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Remember we as humans are on an evolutionary trajectory to God but it is up to us to go from the human, to the spiritual, to the divine. This can be done; in fact this is our destiny. One can accelerate this process by practicing what Jesus has asked us to do. Love and forgive. Purify the body temple. Raise the kundalini energy up to the 6th energy, your spiritual eye, and then to the 7th energy center, your crown chakra. When this takes place you are on the path to God and high levels of consciousness. Suffer no more, by following the directions from the video you will leave the world of suffering behind and set your feet on the path to God. Furthermore, our children deserve the blessings of truth in their lives so they too can be set on the path to God. Thru misguided and misdirected sexual energy we have been led down to path to disease, destruction, and death, not only for us but for our children.  To learn more look at the video again and my website and my mentoring program…God Bless You on your journey...Blessings, Robert.

The Planet Is Shifting


Dearly Beloved,


Are we in the transformational stage in man's history?


It has come to mind after listening to the Essene prophecies this evening that I need to address this subject. It is becoming apparent to me that the planet is shifting.


A new dawn where love is deeply rooted in the human race is upon us. This has been slowly increasing in intensity for some time now. Love is penetrating the consciousness of more and more people and is now accelerating.


Those who will not come into alignment will slowly wither and leave the planet and only those with love in their hearts will be here to open our planet to the light bearing age.


It is truly an awesome statement to make when I say "May the light and love of God fill your hearts, minds, bodies, souls, and spirits."

For the new dawn coming will bring that very light and love of God to our planet.


So please give up chasing material things and start seeking God with all your heart and mind. Each of us must do everything we can to help our brothers and sisters develop Christ consciousness. This will bring love and light to their heart and yours. So each day make a difference in helping bring the light and love of God that never fails to our planet and fellow man...Blessings, Robert. 


Dearly beloved,

It is close to Valentine's Day and some of you have contacted me with questions about your significant other, specifically whether you are with the right partner or not, so I thought I should send this message to all of you and see what transpires. It takes great courage to make the step, but life is too short to be involved with someone who is not meant to be with you.


Perhaps you discover that the person you are with is the right person, but you have neglected them. Well then, you can move forward knowing you have a treasure and you need to treat it as such, by doing this there will be no room for doubt or wondering.


My Relationship test has been formulated to find every detail. It reveals to you hidden secrets that you would otherwise never know about your partner.  Just sign up and let’s gets started.


Also if you are thinking of someone but you are not sure, by doing the test you will know without a doubt if you want to move forward or not, and by doing so you will eliminate any future heartache or unhappiness. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

No Mind

Dearly Beloved,


Daily practice living in a state of no mind, ie. no thoughts or words. Stop ALL opinions, this will weaken your ego. When thoughts come up just know that most of them are being generated by your ego and may be pretty much meaningless. Eventually you will succeed in breaking free of your ego then no mind will take over. Until then your mind will continue to harass you.


Meditate daily and practice no mind during this time. It will take time but you will eventually get beyond the mind. Remember your ego, karma, and mind are all the same. You will still use your mind but you will be detached from it. You will eventually reach a state of no mind where there are no thoughts or words. Then you will be free of this world.


In your freedom is your God connection. Until you are free your mind will try to run your show so you have to tell your mind  to "be quiet" and leave you alone. The rest is up to God...Blessings, Robert. 







Be Still and Know God


Greetings to you. In my meditation this morning I felt very deeply that I needed to share this message with you.


“It is imperative to go within daily in total silence and commune with your Heavenly Father.”  It is time to go within (turn off your TV, Radio, text messaging, etc.) and start asking for God's plan for your life. It is important to ask daily. Over time as you listen, you will start picking up ideas you are to act upon. Your mind is a transmitter and a receiver. We pray and ask but we must also be still and listen to hear God speak to us.


One thing we can all do is ask others close to us to find out where they are at in life. It is important to realize that you must associate with the right people; otherwise it could be detrimental to your spiritual growth.  I have a relationship test on my web site that could prove to be very helpful for your life. Also my career and work test will reveal if you are suited to the work you are doing. It is very important to be in alignment with your heavenly Father in all areas of your life.


All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  Sinning is simply missing the mark, (not being lined up with God), so practice your perfection daily by meditating and becoming still, also ask your loved ones and your closest friends, specifically the people that you interact with daily to join you in the quest for God.  My test reveals to them where they are spiritually and what they need to work on, perhaps it is time for you to see where your LOC is at, and how much you have grown spiritually by taking the test again.


There is nothing more important than this. But the only one that can do it is you. So, share the test with others, ask God for daily guidance and direction. Ask him to make you his servant here on this plane, and to help you love yourself and others, by being kind, caring, considerate and compassionate...Blessings, Robert.   








One must take a good long look in the mirror and ask the question, "Who am I and what am I here for?  So you are here to rejoin your Father as one. At a high level of consciousness you will be able to look in the mirror and say, "I and my Father are one." My mentoring program is geared to help you achieve this goal by taking you to higher levels of consciousness. The things to do to take you there are simple but profound.


You will receive emails on this on a regular basis. Also you will receive regular phone consultations. There are also other parts to the program to help you raise your consciousness.


Raising your consciousness is the only way to find God. This program is set up for you to do this. Money cannot be of concern in doing this. If you cannot afford this then pay under donations what you can afford to pay and start now. Just look under services on my web page and find donations.

When you get to high levels of consciousness love, joy, peace, and happiness will take over your life and you will enter the world of God and leave this world behind.


Time is short so don't waste any time getting started now to the best world you can have and that is with the Heavenly Father...Blessings, Robert.









Abundance is a pretty difficult subject because there are many low consciousness people with money. So money alone is not really abundance. The Essene's taught not to have too much or too little money But to have enough to pay your bills and live a good life. Abundance is not worth much if you do not have God in your life. You can actually be wealthy and be living in purgatorial hell. There is no peace, love, joy, or happiness there. So money alone is pretty immaterial to one's true happiness. Now, however if you want to create an abundant life get lined up with God. Ask for the light and love of God to fill you. 

One must learn to love themselves more to open up the channel of money flowing to you. The more light we generate in our lives the more of God appears, which equates to a more abundant life. But again, "seek ye first the kingdom of God and all things shall be added onto you." So if your life is filled with love, joy, peace, and happiness you are wealthy. God will provide you with opulence when you are ready to receive it. In the meantime, stay God connected so life, love, and prosperity will flow your way. As you resolve your karma it too will help open the pipeline for a more abundant life. God wants us to have abundance, it is up to us to resolve everything so it flows to us...Blessings, Robert.







Kissing the face of God



Below is a picture that I have in my office, It’s a representative of the true world, the kingdom of God. For we truly are one and as Jesus said, "what you do to the least of thee you do unto me.” So one must not only look upon their own children as part of the kingdom of God but indeed as children of God. Because of that we must be gentle and kind and tenderhearted to those we are responsible for. This requires that in every case we come from kindness, caring, consideration, and compassion. Can you honestly say you do that in every case with your own children? If not then go within and do what the Bible says, “Be ye not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind."


The only way to transform the world is to transform ourselves. Only by doing that do we bring the kingdom of God to earth. Hell on earth is created by man himself by violating the laws of God.


So it is of utmost importance that we get in complete alignment with the Heavenly Father ourselves because by doing that we bring that alignment to those we love around us, specifically our children. Remember we are not separate from our children. We are indeed one with them and everyone else as well. So put your very best foot forward in thought, word, and deed on a daily basis, by doing that you are helping bring the kingdom of God into this world and into your life. So obviously this means getting your ego resolved so God can take up residence in your life and in your heart. For truly only then will the world be transformed around you. Keep a Happy home and be loving to your children. They are not yours they are God's!!!...Blessings, Robert.


The Right Place

Dearly Beloved,



Read Robert Adams words (below) as if they were mine also, he speaks the truth, I know this reading will help you see your true self...


Every position that you find yourself in, every situation that you find yourself in, with whomever you find yourself with, the positions that you have or don't have, wherever you may be in this world, is your right place at this moment. Bless this. Love it.


I know it sounds hard when you think of a horrible condition, and you say,  "I must love it?" Well let me explain again.  The reason you love it is because God is all there is. Try to remember this. There is nothing but God.


Therefore, if you hate something, you're hating God, which is your SELF. It's all coming out of YOU. You are that. You must learn to trust and love YOURSELF, Your precious SELF.


When you become despondent, depressed, hateful, feeling sorry for yourself, this is what blasphemy really means, for you are feeling this way about your SELF. Can't you see? There is only your SELF. If you think something is horrible, you're speaking about Yourself. You look at a situation, you watch it, you observe it, you never react, YOU LEAVE IT ALONE. And then you'll be given power what you need to handle it, to go through it without thinking, without thoughts, without any commotion, without any noise. These are the things you must work on. Be that SELF.


Never be frightened again by anything. If I can make this perfectly clear to you, never allow anything in this world to ever frighten you. Allow things to unfold as they may. Remember you just watch and observe, hold on to the truth. Happiness will come of its own accord. When you hold on to the truth, when you do not react to life's conditions, persons, or things, when you leave things alone and you stop fighting life, you are not giving up.


In the Western psychology, we're told to never give up. We are taught to keep on fighting. But I'm telling you there is nothing to fight, and the only thing you're giving up is your EGO. Western psychology has never gone beyond this. Therefore they do not know of life beyond this. Western psychology works on the presumption that you are a body and a mind, so naturally they tell you never give up, fight to the end, stick up for your rights.


But in the highest teachings of the truth we learn that you have no rights.


You're firing up your body, your ego, and your mind. When this happens, you go beyond psychology. Something happens that psychiatry and psychology are not aware of whatsoever. And that is you rise to a higher dimension, where there is happiness, peace, love, joy, and compassion, that is naturally yours. You begin to feel these things instead of the things you felt before. Prior to this, when you were fighting life, when you were sticking up for your rights, when you were trying to get even, when you were working as an Ego, you were never able to feel happiness or joy or peace. Only sometime when you've gotten your point across, when you've won an argument, when you've won a fight, when you've sued someone and won, you've felt happy for a while, but it didn't last long, and you had to go through it again and again. But this is as the world goes. It doesn't know anything else but this.


What I am saying to you is LET GO OF EVERYTHING! Do not hold on. Stand naked before God, without any crutches, without anything to hold on to. When you can do this, from that moment on you will begin to raise. And you will become aware that you are not the body, or the mind, or the world, or the universe, but you are effortless choice-less pure awareness. You are boundless space, infinite like the sky. You have become everything, and everything has become you. Work on Yourself. 


P.S. I'd like you to read this until it becomes a part of you. Know this and accept it. You are magnificent!!!! Wake up to this truth...Blessings, Robert. 


We are all in the oneness of God even though we don’t fully understand or know this. We are like drops of water in the ocean and the ocean is God. As our consciousness goes up we become more aware of God. At 600 and above we take on the Christ Consciousness, then we can look in the mirror and say “I and my Father are one.”

Until then we just can’t fully see this. This is because human consciousness has only evolved so far at this point and hasn’t advanced enough yet to see that oneness fully.


So when we talk about our neighbor we are also talking about our self. When we criticize our neighbor we are criticizing God and ourselves. So the adage is to eliminate all judgment, criticism, and condemnation from our life permanently.


The quickest way to get to 500 is simply to be Kind, Caring, Considerate, and Compassionate with everyone in every case. The oneness underlying all life will slowly seep into your consciousness as you go toward God and higher consciousness. So I invite you to step onto the path to God and higher consciousness today…Blessings, Robert.

The Path

Dearly Beloved,


It is an exception  for anyone to even be on the path to God. Remember 78% of the world's population is still below 200. I believe the students of Dr. Hawkin's are much more ready to be on the path then most others. For those on the path a hunger and a thirst for God sets in. Once this happens the quest is on. Most of these people will never be satisfied until their consciousness goes well over 500 and perhaps 600. The state of "no mind" comes when one goes over 600. They enter a thought free state where there are no more thoughts or words. Then one could say they are in the world but not of the world.


The world of non-duality begins to emerge. One enters the world of Love, Joy, Peace, and Happiness all the time. So the rewards are truly great. One leaves the world behind and enters the world of God. One has to go over 600 for this to happen and this is still quite rare. Only 28 people in the U.S. are over 600.

If one is destined for this to happen in this lifetime it will happen. One will be lead to God by their daily practices and decisions. In other words if they are ripe and ready they will go in the direction for this to happen. However the first goal still remains for most people to go over 500 where love begins. 4% of the world's population are at this level but more are now going there for the people as a whole are beginning to awaken to God in larger numbers...Blessings, Robert.


Steps to Love and Finding God

Dearly Beloved,

Steps to love and finding God: The kundalini energy must go from the lowest to find love and God:


1. The base chakra

2. Your sexual energy

3. Your solar plexus

4. Your heart center

5. Your throat

6. Your third eye

7. Your crown chakra

Once the energy reaches your heart love starts to flow thru and you reach 500 in consciousness where love begins. At 540 one reaches unconditional love. Then from 600-1,000 are 400 points of enlightenment. This is when your Christ Consciousness comes forth, also called your God consciousness. Then full true communion with God takes place and you become one with the Heavenly Father.


So work on this. The rewards are great. Also, here are several things to work on to gain your God connection. The reason God feels far away is because you have not developed these attributes to draw God to you. So here they are:

Develop your health consciousness

Develop your truth consciousness

Be receptive and persevere 

Practice happiness with God

Be humble

Be willing to change

Have compassion

Have acceptance

Be secure within yourself

Eliminate all fear

Resolve your ego

Have faith in God 

Eliminate fear of death

Remove all attachments

Love everyone

Love yourself

Suspend all judgment, condemnation, and criticism

Don't live in denial

Point your life toward God

Release all pain

Be integral

Have mercy

Release all anger

Release all addictions

Release all stress 

Release all guilt

Be peaceful

Be free

Obey God's law's

Surrender your life to God daily

Observe yourself at all times

Lift up your eyes to the Lord


...Blessings, Robert.


The Key to the Kingdom

Dearly Beloved,

Remember what I have said to you many times, the mind and ego are the same thing. 85% of the people are actually worshipping their ego-mind rather than God, so do not take too much stock in your mind. It is actually part of the problem rather than the solution.

Your mind will take you up and down every monkey trail, never really finding the truth. The only thing that will set you free is the truth. (The truth is inside you) You can get there and find all the answers you need if you only learn to be in the silence. 

Only about 35% of the people are even interested in the truth, so we are quite some distance from God. The ego is blocking our view of God because, in reality, we are one with God right now, so the only thing blocking this is your ego. It is imperative for the human race to awaken from their dream believing in their ego.

We human beings are only evolved about 23%, so the best way to move along the path to God is to raise our own consciousness. Practice being an observer and a witness of your own mind.  

You will soon recognize much of the falsehood being generated by the mind. One significant cause of this is on average 25% of what people believe isn't even true. So stop worshipping your mind. When one goes over 600 they leave their mind behind and enter the world of no thoughts or words. That is when your true divinity emerges and the human aspects start to recede into the background. Practice "no mind" daily. Remember, you are not your body or your mind, you are consciousness.

Go deep within for the Kingdom of God is within you, there you'll find the answer to all of your questions. You will not find it in books, talks or lectures, it resides in you. I can only guide you, the rest is up to you. The question I have for all of you is this: are you disciplined enough to go into the silence?, Do you have love and compassion for "all". Wake up from the illusion that we are separated from one another, WE ARE ALL ONE!


In the house of God, there are no distinctions. I  have just given you the key to his kingdom. When you fully understand this and live it, then you can enter his home...Blessings. Robert.


Dearly Beloved,

You may have heard the expression God is Geometry of Divinity. Experiencing God is something that happens to you when you are properly aligned with God. I personally used a short prayer for 15-20 years before it happened to me. That simple prayer was "show me the way, show me the truth, and set me free." Once you have committed your life to God, every door will open and you will be led to your reunion with the Heavenly Father. Then, the gates of heaven open and then love, joy, peace, and happiness will take up residence in your life. You then become one with these attributes. They are no longer outside of you but rather they are within you. Then as Hawkins states, "you can't prove God but you can know God." That is when the transformation occurs...Blessings. Robert



Dearly Beloved,

Love is the only requirement. Currently, 4% of the population is at 500  or above where love exists. It is your job in this lifetime to awaken to love. If you don't you will come back again and again until you get there. Begin today to ask God to help you love yourself. Remember the Bible clearly states "to love God with all your heart, mind, and soul and to love your neighbor as you love yourself. So it is a given to love yourself. Forgiveness completely is necessary to reach love. So daily practice forgiveness until that has been accomplished. In your freedom is your God connection. Part of that freedom is loving freely. Narrow is the gate to God. Walk through that gate and open your life with God. Then love, joy, peace, and happiness will follow...blessings, Robert 


Dearly Beloved,


Positive thinking is okay but don't count on it for a wonderful life It may be a positive to some extent but it is not really the answer to life. One must get into alignment with the Heavenly Father. When this occurs your life automatically will become one with the Heavenly Father. This also applies to the illnesses of this world. It is simply because one is out of alignment with the Heavenly Father. This is part of God's laws for mankind. My 64 point report addresses these questions. So the bottom line is don't allow your ego mind to determine your life. It will eventually lead you wrong and create many problems for your life. Instead, practice getting into alignment with the Heavenly Father. Only then will you be set free. And always remember that in your your God connection...Blessings. Robert


The Magnetic Field


Dearly Beloved,

There is a magnetic field around every human being. This magnetic field is unknown to most human beings. It is what protects you in many ways including one's health. It begins with integrity. One must line up with the law of integrity. It is closely connected to the truth. It is also connected to morality. Obedience to God and the laws of God are very important. If one does not do these things they open themselves up to disease, destruction, and death. Currently, 89% of the human race are in violation of these laws. So this percent are open to illness. One could say if you are separate from the truth, you are separate from God. It is critical to become aware of this magnetic field and get into alignment with all the forces of good. These are the forces of God. For your own health and well being please get into alignment with God and his laws. Then you will be protected by this magnetic field. Manly Hall has a YouTube on this called The Magnetic Field and the Human Body. It is well worth listening to...Blessings. Robert


The Inner Light


Dearly Beloved,

There is an inner light in each of us. It is tied in directly to the spark of divinity in each of us. It shines very dimly in many people. However, as your consciousness go up it begins to shine more brightly. Narrow is the gate and few there be that find it. The only way for this to emerge is to go higher in consciousness. The inner knowing ie. inner light begins to emerge as one's consciousness goes up. When that inner light is shining brightly one will receive many answers for one's life. Being very still and going within contributes to this. There is a way to receive answers for one's life but high consciousness and stillness are two of the main ways to achieve this. So, as the Bible says, "Be still and know that I am God"...Blessings. Robert

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