64 Point Report

Field of Consciousness
Individual Survey Calibrations
Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior
(Where Nothing Is Hidden)




1.                ______Consciousness

2.                ______Relationship/partner

3.                ______Consciousness at Birth

4.                ______Mental balance

5.                ______Emotional balance

6.                ______Physical balance

7.                ______Spiritual development

8.                ______Health consciousness

9.                ______Prosperity consciousness

10.               ______Life force

11.               ______Truth consciousness

12.               ______Evolutionary development

13.               ______Current capacity

14.               ______Perseverance

15.               ______Receptivity

16.               ______Current level of Health

17.               ______Happiness

18.               ______Humility

19.               ______Willingness to change

20.               ______Libido (sexual energy)

21.               ______Compassion

22.               ______Relationship Compatibility

23.               ______Acceptance

24.               ______Insecurity

25.               ______Relationship resolution

26.               ______Physical coordination

27.               ______Fear

28.               ______Resolution of ego

29.               ______Faith in God

30.               ______Forgiveness

31.               ______Fear of death

32.               ______Attachments

33.               ______Ability to express love

34.               ______Ability to love yourself

35.               ______Judgment, condemnation & criticism

36.               ______Living in denial

37.               ______Power

38.               ______Force

39.               ______Level of Pain

40.               ______Level of Integrity

41.               ______Mercy

42.               ______Repressed Anger

43.               ______Level of unconscious

44.               ______Addiction level

45.               ______Fruit of the spirit

46.               ______Stress level

47.               ______Impact of stress on health

48.               ______Guilt

49.               ______Work stress

50.               ______Family stress

51.               ______Relationship stress

52.               ______Financial stress

53.               ______Freedom

54.               ______Peace

55.               ______Energy center

56.               ______Color

57.               ______Obeying God’s laws

58.               ______Knowing God’s laws

59.               ______Surrender

60.               ______Control

61.               ______Male Energy

62.               ______Female Energy

63.               ______Energy centers balance

64.               ______1. ______2. ______3. ______4. ______5. ______6. ______7.

Robert Smalley Spiritual Awakening Teacher Enlightenment Kinesiology

sixty-four point report, to help those that are seeking guidance and are looking to get themselves onto the spiritual path. It will shed light on your life in four areas: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.


After you review this report you can look up some of my student’s testimonials and determine if you are for a consultation. Perhaps after a consultation we can determine if the next step is the mentoring program. Please review the report and calling for your consultation. Keep in mind that I obtain all the answers by using Kinesiology.  If you want me to calibrate a specific question that you may have, please write it below and I will do my best to respond within 24 hrs. This may signify the next step on the evolutionary path of your life...................

This report will give you great insight into your life. It is a blueprint of where you are currently in your spiritual path. After fifteen years of serious spiritual work, God inspired me and soon after I was guided to complete the

Robert Smalley Spiritual Awakening Teacher Enlightenment Kinesiology

Definition of Report…….

The way the report reads in the scale of 1 to 1000 or 1% to 100%. The consultation will provide an explanation of what these numbers mean. Please know that these numbers are from the non- linear domain using kinesiology. This report determines one's God perfection. So if you aren’t satisfied with some of the numbers it simply means that you have more work to do. Stay connected so that we can work together to raise your consciousness.  As your consciousness goes higher your life will improve accordingly and life will become heaven on earth. Because the evolutionary unfoldment of the human race is about 20% the numbers on the test may appear rather low. But as one begins to resolve their ego and start loving themselves the numbers start to move higher substantially. From birth, every human was predestined to be enlightened, so there is hope for everyone, in fact you are guaranteed to become enlightened, it is just a matter of when.The two most important things to focus on daily is to resolve your ego and learn to love yourself. When you have accomplished that you will be very high in consciousness.  Consider signing up for the mentoring program. Here are some testimonials!!!!! Click Here.