Relationship Report

Field of Consciousness
Couples Survey Calibrations
Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior
(Where Nothing Is Hidden)



1._____Level of consciousness of relationship



2._____Karma in Relationship



3._____Him Level of love toward each other

   _____Her Level of love towards each other



4._____Compatibility in relationship



5._____Karma resolved in relationship



6._____Him consciousness level

   _____Her consciousness level



7._____Him Resolution of ego

   _____Her Resolution of ego



8._____Him Level of power

   _____Her Level of power



9._____Him Ability to love others

   _____Her Ability to love others



10.____Him Ability to love oneself

     ____Her Ability to love oneself


Relationship Report

Robert Smalley Spiritual Awakening Teacher Enlightenment Kinesiology

Remember each soul is responsible for their own destiny. Even though you both may be on the same path, there are many individual situations for each of you that each must resolve for themselves. You may go from one marriage to the next 

thinking, “If I could just find the right partner?" But in reality the partner you have may be just fine. Once one has resolved their ego, many problems in life go away, including marital problems. So the divorce rate could go way down if people realized that the real solution is loving yourself and resolving your EGO; which in both cases has nothing to do with your partner. One can solve many problems in life and in one’s marriage simply by following this daily: Always and in every case be kind, caring, considerate, and compassionate. This alone will raise your consciousness and improve your marriage greatly. 

Robert Smalley Spiritual Awakening Teacher Enlightenment Kinesiology

Definition of Report…….

The way the report reads in the scale of 1 to 1000 or 1% to 100%. The consultation will provide an explanation of what these numbers mean. Please know that these numbers are from the non- linear domain using kinesiology. This report determines one's God perfection. So if you aren’t satisfied with some of the numbers it simply means that you have more work to do. Stay connected so that we can work together to raise your consciousness.  As your consciousness goes higher your life will improve accordingly and life will become heaven on earth. Because the evolutionary unfoldment of the human race is about 20% the numbers on the test may appear rather low. But as one begins to resolve their ego and start loving themselves the numbers start to move higher substantially. From birth, every human was predestined to be enlightened, so there is hope for everyone, in fact you are guaranteed to become enlightened, it is just a matter of when.The two most important things to focus on daily is to resolve your ego and learn to love yourself. When you have accomplished that you will be very high in consciousness. Consider signing up for the mentoring program. Here are some testimonials!!!!! Click Here.