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The most powerful aspect that belongs to you in your life is your consciousness. Your consciousness trumps everything else. Consciousness is more powerful than an Atom Bomb. You are born as consciousness in a body and consciousness is what goes with you when you pass from your body.

William James describes consciousness in the following way, "As rare, unique, indescribable, and beyond mind, a thought free state of knowingness that's complete, all inclusive, with neither need, nor want, and beyond the limitation of experiencing the merely individualized personal self.”


Another attribute of pure consciousness is the sensation of the ordinary flow of thoughts or feelings: a condition of infinite power, compassion, gentleness, and love. In this state self becomes SELF, from egoic self to the DIVINE SELF.

In my work I calibrate a person's level of consciousness using kinesiology testing with accuracy. I can also calibrate percentage answers of potential benefits to one’s life on anything, as well as whether something is true or false. I have been calibrating for eleven years and have calibrated thousands of people and situations.



My level of consciousness soared to the heavens over ten years ago. Now I am free of all worry, problems, and concerns and live in a thought and word free existence in love, peace, joy, and happiness all the time and I am here to share the fruit of the spirit and be in a state of “no mind” where happiness resides.

I can help you with finances, employment, health, relationships, and anything else you want to know. 


Know your Level of Consciousness
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