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I propose you know your Level of Consciousness; this is the first step to awake. Then Enlightenment is up to God, is all up to His Grace.
¨Became free of this world¨ 
Tall Mountain and LAke

The Level of Consciousness (LoC) shows the specific energy field that the person is aligned with. This attractor energy field corresponds to an overall set of attitudes and emotions that a person expresses at the moment. Therefore, it is necessary to know the LoC, so one can start letting go of the negatives and go up in consciousness to find the true Self. 

Level of 

Soul Awakening
“In your freedom is your God connection."


The Full Consciousness Report shows the level of expression of 64 attitudes, emotions, and characteristics of the Level of Consciousness that you are currently aligned with. It shows who you are in Truth. For instance, it will tell you that you have developed Compassion at a 30% when the maximum possible in this world is a 100% like Jesus Christ had. Therefore, you need to develop more compassion to go higher in consciousness and to become one with God.

Raising your consciousness is the only way to find God. Time is short so don't waste any time getting started now to the best world you can have and that is with the Heavenly Father ...     

Robert Smalley


about ROBERT

Robert is an ordained and certified Health Minister, and co-founder of two national Health Ministry Programs and has conducted training programs and seminars throughout the United States. 

He received his master's degree in education from Kansas State University and taught and coached for ten years in the public school system.

Robert is an Essene Minister and has studied the literary works of Dr. David Hawkins for over eleven years leading to his realization of the condition of enlightenment. He is a Priest of the Order of Melchizedek here to help humanity awaken to the perfection of God.


He became self-realized in 2005, has resolved his ego and has since gone much higher in consciousness. 

Above the Clouds


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Robert Smalley

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