The history of this science goes back to its' definitional beginning. Kinesiology is a combination of the Greek for 'to move' (kinein) and 'logos' (discourse). Kinesiologists - those who discourse on movement-in effect combine anatomy, the science of structure of the body, with physiology, the science of function of the body, to produce kinesiology, the science of movement of the body.


Applied Kinesiology was the name given by its inventor, Dr. George Goodheart, an American chiropractor, in 1965. Goodheart discovered that when a muscle was tested, the result could reveal vital information, which was quite impossible to determine by any other method of investigation. In the last 30 years, the body of knowledge on Kinesiology has developed rapidly, and much clinical research has validated the many new discoveries.


  • Robert is an ordained and certified Health Minister, and co-founder of two national Health Ministry Programs and has conducted training programs and seminars throughout the United States. Robert received his master's degree in education from Kansas State University and taught and coached for ten years in the public school system. Robert is an Essene Minister and has studied the literary works of Dr. David Hawkins for over eleven years leading to his realization of the condition of enlightenment. Robert is a Priest of the Order of Melchizedek here to help humanity awaken to the perfection of God. He became self-realized in 2005 and has resolved his ego and has since gone much higher in consciousness. He broke away from the world and spent the next fifteen years working diligently to reach the level of 600 ie. self-realization. Robert says he was not especially gifted or encouraged when asked. He says, "What I attained was through hard work and many challenges." He has dedicated his life to support people on this journey. He says, "This is my personal offering to those who want to learn and become free of this world." He teaches the integral truth which aims to serve people in all aspects of life regardless of creed or religion. His teachings are the product of years of his own spiritual cultivation.

A valid spiritual organization may make nominal charges to cover ordinary expenses in that everyone contributes for the common good. The spiritual teacher transmits a benefit due not just to the words themselves, but to the high energy of consciousness which accompanies the words. The teacher's level of consciousness creates what might be likened to a carrier wave that accompanies and empowers the words. Dr. Hawkins words. See page #37 from the book "The Eye of the I."



Robert Smalley Spiritual Awakening Teacher Enlightenment Kinesiology
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Your Greatest Self.


God has to wait on each soul to learn to love themselves before they come to him. Until then the law requires that the love and light of God will stay outside you until you bring it into your life. Once you have done that your world will change in a significant way. Then love, joy, peace, and happiness will fill your life daily. So remember daily not to go to pieces but go to peace, the peace that surpasseth all understanding, where God is at 600. So step on that path for the greatest experience of your life. I will help you with this through my mentoring program on my web-site. You may sign up and start today...................Blessings, Robert.

Robert Smalley Spiritual Awakening Teacher Enlightenment Kinesiology



We are all in the oneness of God, even though we don't fully understand or know this. We are like drops of water in the ocean and the ocean is God. As our consciousness goes up we become more aware of God. I invite you to step onto the path to God and higher consciousness today.   


Robert Smalley Spiritual Awakening Teacher Enlightenment Kinesiology

Robert's Aura

Aura: an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being.

-Merriam-Webster dictionary


"Matter is energy, Energy is Light, We are all light beings. -Albert Einstein


Testimonial: After studying Dr. Hawkins and attending lectures for 10 years, it seemed that it was time for a more personal teacher to appear. It happened one day in March of 2011, while doing email - Robert's name ticked across, in a banner - which I normally ignore. Nevertheless the name Robert Smalley stood out. I followed the link and within a week the first Spiritual Report Card arrived in the mail. The phone consultation with Robert that followed was a revealing and elevating experience of such that my life, every aspect of...., has been in a state of perpetual growth ever since. It often takes a while for my assessment and inventory of changes to catch up. I've stayed in touch, gotten updated report cards and generally followed this wonder being's advice and direction. He has helped me receive a most precious blessing of a gift - which is the knowing that "I am safe, for I am Love." Everyone around me has peripherally been lifted as well. One-by-one they are reaching for Robert's Mentoring. I can hardly express the joy I felt upon sensing that a dearest friend cross over into the 500's. Tears of joy! An eternity of gratitude.


New York City Metro, U.S.A.




Robert has helped me a great deal. He is down to earth, and obviously a very good man. He does not take himself too seriously. He is thoroughly familiar with the works of Dr. Hawkins and always will to do a calibration, when needed. I highly recommend him for those on the spiritual path.

Paul S.

Skepticism. If you're reading this testimonial then you are likely looking for confirmation that Robert Smalley is a man who can be trusted, a man who can perform impeccable calibrations that you yourself might've had difficulty in obtaining, and a man possessing spiritual truth, knowledge, and wisdom.

Eric S. 




I have found having Robert as a spiritual mentor/teacher for the last few months to be extremely helpful. Not only does his energy help facilitate my spiritual progress...but his ability to calibrate various issues, people and choices allows me to quickly understand what is in the highest good of all involved and keeps me from having to waste time on less helpful choices.


Your Magnificent Self!!


Dearly Beloved,


Enlightenment is up to God. I may be able to help awaken you on your path to God, but it is up to God's Grace. After many years of solitude and much reflection, I made a decision not to go back into the corporate world anymore, nor did I have any desire to go back into teaching. I spent my time in reflection seated in my living room surrounded by books that I had been studying for days, weeks which turned into years while searching for answers and the right path. Finally, I asked God to show me the way, show me the truth, and to set me free, before retiring for the evening. When I awoke, I had an idea for a map that would serve as a guide towards spiritual awakening and enlightenment. The 64 Point Report is that map, and the scores are just the beginning.


The 64 point report is a blueprint of your divine inheritance but it is God doing the work. One goes from the Human, to the Spiritual, to the Divine. Once you have mastered what's on the report you will be well on your way to the divine. Since the human race has only evolved about 20% some of the numbers may appear to be rather low on the report. So generally speaking for most of us there is simply much work to do to enter the promised land. Each step one takes on this path will lead them closer to God. Perhaps the two most important items on the report are Ego resolution and Self-Love. When one has mastered those two things their world will be transformed in a major way.

However many other items on the report are very important as well. For example Compassion, Acceptance, and Mercy must also be accomplished as well.


Generally most people have peace around 10-20%, so work on the idea that nothing can disturb the calm peace of your soul as well “In your freedom is your God connection.” Until one gets disentangled from the world they will not have their freedom, hence they will not have their God connection.


In regards to your aura, as one's color in their aura goes toward the higher colors you will be making progress towards God. These colors are purple, violet, and white. Most people's energy seems to be stuck in the third energy center. However as they move toward 500 their kundalini energy will move closer to their heart where love begins.


"Know ye not that you are the temple of God where the holy spirit dwells.”


It is also imperative to work on your body temple. So it is also important to cleanse and purify the body temple to move closer to God. Surrender, control, power and force are linked together. Remember that surrender and power are connected closer to God and force and control are more closely connected to one's Ego. Remember Forgiveness is also crucial. LOC (Level of Consciousness) begins at 350 but to totally forgive unconditionally one must go considerably higher than that.


Many people are quite high in integrity and truth consciousness which opens the door for much of the rest of the report to be mastered. In fact to truly attain self-acceptance and love one will have to become a master on this report. When that happens you will become free and will draw ever closer in your walk with God. When you become liberated love, joy, peace, and happiness take up residence in your life and you will live there all the time.


So the goal is to strive daily to become a master and overcome all the forces of this world. You can be in the world but not of it. And then you will be able to look in the mirror and say, "I and my Father are one." So the report will point you in the right direction and I can point you toward the truth which opens you up to God. IE: I am the way, the truth, and the life, then your life will be truly blessed by the hand of God.....Blessings, Robert.

Robert Smalley Spiritual Awakening Teacher Enlightenment Kinesiology


Robert has been generous and gracious with his time and services. For the time I have been in contact with Robert, his guidance has been a source of support and inspiration especially when some obstacles seemed incredibly daunting. His emails seemed to be exactly what was needed at the time and he continues to be encouraging.




Robert Smalley Spiritual Awakening Teacher Enlightenment Kinesiology

"Association with strong, happy, serene, kind, and spiritual people is of great benefit to the nervous person. Even a few moments company with a saint can work wonders in producing calmness and quiet. A real holy man acts as a raft to carry you away from suffering."